My Wife, Love & Partner in Crime

January 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
"We fight and then we make up"
On a sunny but cold Sunday morning my beautiful wife and I decided to finally do the shoot that I've been asking her about for ages.
We had a little bit of a misunderstanding the night before, so I was really hoping that she would be nice to me the following day. :) Luckily, she didn't change her mind and still wanted to do the shoot. 
Over the years that we've been together, I noticed that she gets hotter and more beautiful each time we fight (for some weird reason). 
Here's a photo of her when we were still not cool. You can see it in her eyes that she didn't like me very much-haha!
And then, I made some weird body movements whilst I was photographing her because I knew she would take the mickey out of me and we would start laughing, which we did eventually. During our shoot, I managed to capture some photos of her smiling (a tiny bit) :)
It's funny how the shoot helped us to be cool again after our argument. Afterwards, we had a nice walk 
from West Brompton to Earl's Court, had a great lunch and went to The Trobadour for a cup of coffee and talked about every possible topic like there was no tomorrow. lol 
We realised that the weekend was coming to an end and it would be Monday again. We decided to go back home but instead of getting the tube, we just walked and it was lovely because we just kept talking until we got home.
All I can say is.
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