Top 5 reasons why TRY a Boudoir Shoot with me

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I hear different reasons from women why they can't do a boudoir shoot and I'm telling you today you should try it-you will never know unless you try! I believe that Boudoir shoot is not just a perfect present to your other half but most especially to yourself-"Love yourself as much as you want to be loved."
London Boudoir Photography with AnisaLondon Boudoir Photography with
Be happy with who you are and where you are right now.
Nobody is perfect and nobody gets everything they want all at once. Have patience. In time you’ll get what you need. Just focus on loving and accepting yourself TODAY (perfectly imperfect). Forget what other people think or say or expect of you, they have a lot to work on as well.
As a matter of fact feel sorry for them, the harder they are on you, multiply that by 100x and that’s how they treat themselves! Ouch. That sucks.
Here are the reasons by the way:
ONE. Ladies of all sizes welcome. Choosing outfits to flatter your shape is essential, but more importantly, the right posing, lighting and angles will do WONDERS for your figure. I encourage you to treat yourself with love and kindness before the shoot, which involves exercise, eating well and getting adequate rest and hydration.
TWO. Single/Married Ladies welcome. Boudoir is for YOU. Realizing your beauty is one of the most incredible things a woman can experience and having amazing portraits of yourself looking absolutely ravishing is life changing.
THREE. Camera shy. It’s possible to take a beautiful photo of every woman on planet earth, it just takes the right photographer! Coaching and directing is a huge part of what I do, and is essential even in the images that appear ‘candid’. Coaching allows you to relax, so you know EXACTLY what to do and how to do it, and you won’t be feeling awkward in front of the camera.
FOUR. I'm very shy, I have no idea how to look sexy. I find it easier to photograph women who don’t have preconceived ideas on how to ‘look sexy’. I know just the right cues to capture the candid images to make it seem effortless.
FIVE. I don’t own any stockings/lingerie, they aren’t really my ‘thing’ - Click here to see other alternative items to wear for a boudoir shoot.
Now that I’ve addressed the most common fears and concerns, what are you waiting for? Book your shoot and trust my professional skills to take great care of you and help you bring out that side you’ve never seen before.
Call me on 020 7731 2809 or email at to book your BOUDOIR SESSION NOW!
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