Niccolò at West Brompton

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"Niccolò at Brompton Cemetery"
I met Nick at the Balenciaga campaign that I was working on a month ago, he was in charge for the videography. Right there and then, I told myself that I will photograph this guy because he just looks very fashionable! By the way, doesn't he look like Jared Leto too? :)
We discovered that we live very close to each other that's why we decided to do the shoot nearby. Thankfully, it was a lovely weather and it was a little bit sunny as well- it was just perfect! I definitely enjoyed photographing him when he was smoking and I'm quite happy with the results. Feel free to browse the photos below.
This a sample, how I edit my images for my Portrait sessions.
LEFT photo - Straight out of my camera
RIGHT photo - After my simple editing/post production
London Portrait Photography with NiccoloLondon Portrait Photography with London Portrait Photography with NiccoloLondon Portrait Photography with
About the location:
Yes you got it right- at a cemetery! In fact this is one of my favourite locations when I shoot for outdoor portrait sessions. I just find this place very beautiful and it is one of Britain's oldest and most distinguished garden cemeteries. 
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